How to Choose the Right Type of Boxes for Your Business

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How to Choose the Right Type of Boxes for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Type of Printed Boxes for Your Business

Make the most of your marketing efforts by choosing the right custom printed boxes for your business. These printing boxes are one of the most important marketing tools that you’ll use since they add to your company branding and carve a unique impression in the consumer’s mind about the actual product inside.

At ADD Printing & Packaging, you’ll have a number of different custom packaging box styles to choose from including the following:
* Product Boxes
* Bakery Boxes
* Wine Boxes
* Paper Boxes
* Cosmetic Boxes
* Beverage Boxes
* Food Boxes
* Display Boxes
* Gift Boxes
* CD/DVD Boxes
* Packaging Boxes

A customization service is provided on all printed boxes types in order to best meet your unique needs and specifications.

Choosing the Right Custom Packaging Box Style

Finding the right style of custom packaging box comes down to the size of the box required, the type of product that will be placed into it and any other specific requirements that you may need. They are available in a number of different sizes and colours and can be printed with any text, picture or design you want on them. Whether you need cosmetic boxes for rouge compacts or display boxes to show off product line on retail shelf, you’ll find everything you need at ADD Printing & Packaging custom boxes.

In most cases, you’ll want the product to fit inside the box snugly. The item in the packaging box should be held in place securely but the fit shouldn’t be too tight or the contents of the package, or the box itself, may be damaged. In order to determine the proper size of custom packaging box needed, you can either take the measurements of the product yourself or contact our company for further suggestions and recommendations.

Don’t Compromise on Your Printing Boxes

In today’s consumer world, your potential customers have a certain expectation when it comes to the presentation of a product. If you are selling cosmetics, for example, you’ll need to use printing boxes that have been designed specifically for holding makeup. The same holds true for CD and DVD boxes and display boxes. When you need specialty printing boxes, you can’t settle for anything less without compromising the integrity of your business and risking reduced sales in the process.

Your Business Needs High Quality Printed Boxes

Potential customers won’t take a second look at your product unless it is packaged attractively. At ADD Printing & Packaging, we offer product boxes that can include die-cut windows in a matte or glossy finish. Our cosmetic boxes can be purchased either with or without plastic windows and feature a tuck-in closing style.

Our food boxes and beverage boxes have been designed to further entice the customer into revealing the contents inside. Food boxes are made to hold multiple or single items with odd shapes while the beverage boxes have been manufactured with durability in mind to prevent even the heaviest bottles from falling out. These beverage boxes can retain their original shape for a long period of time either on the store shelf or in storage after they have been purchased.

Effectively-designed printing boxes will make a huge impact on your business and your customer base. Consumers are naturally drawn to a product by the aesthetics surrounding it. While the product inside the box should definitely be eye-catching, the custom packaging box that contains it will be making the biggest initial impression to the consumer.


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