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Corrugated Packaging Boxes

*** All corrugated packaging boxes are Custom order. We can customize the size, style, and  card stock upon customer’s request, Minimum order quantity starting at 500pcs, Please send us quotation request or call at 1866-825-6898 for more detail information ***

Double Wall Corrugated Packaging Box
Model#: COPB-101

Small Electroic Product Packaging Box
Model#: COPB-102

Gable Style Corrugated Packaging Box
Model#: COPB-103

Corrugated Suitcase Box with PVC Handle
Model#: COPB-104

Mailer Style Corrugated Box

Model#: COPB-105

Double Sides Printed Corrugated Box
Model#: COPB-106

Corrugate Wine Box with Die-cut Handle
Model#: COPB-107

Custom Printed Gable Corrugate Wine Box
Model#: COPB-108

Double Wall Corrugated Display Box
Model#: COPB-109

Corrugate Packaging Boxes with Insert & PVC Window
Model#: COPB-110

Series Product Packaging Boxes
Model#: COPB-111

Corrugated Packaging Boxes

Corrugated packaging boxes are ideal for all types of product packaging and shipping. They are easy to assemble, and the corrugated cardboard material can be customized to suit your preferences. Whether you require unique shapes, large or small sizes, or standard dimensions, we have got you covered.

At ADD Printing & Packaging, we offer a diverse range of corrugated packaging boxes, including options like corrugated suitcase boxes, corrugated wine boxes, double wall corrugated display boxes, mailer style corrugated boxes, gable style corrugated packaging boxes, and more. We can create any style of box you desire.

Opting for custom corrugated packaging boxes offers a multitude of benefits in a professional setting. Firstly, these boxes provide superior protection to the enclosed products, safeguarding them from potential damage during shipping or storage. The robust nature of corrugated material ensures maximum durability and resistance to external forces, such as impacts and compression.

Additionally, customizing these boxes allows for a tailored fit, ensuring optimal space utilization and minimizing material waste. This not only enhances the overall efficiency of packaging operations but also contributes to cost savings.

Moreover, custom corrugated packaging boxes can be branded with company logos, slogans, and other design elements, enabling businesses to create a strong brand identity and increase brand recognition. In a competitive market, this can be a valuable marketing tool to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on customers.

Discover the popular styles of cardboard packaging boxes available and reach out to us for pricing. Simply fill out our quotation form to access the prices. If you already have a mock-up with your desired design for the boxes, you can send it to us as well.