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Cosmetic Boxes

*** All cosmetic boxes are custom order. We can customize the size, style, and  card stock upon customer’s request, Minimum order quantity starting at 500pcs, Please send us quotation request or call at 1866-825-6898 for more detail information ***

Skin Care/ Cream Boxes

Model#: CMB-101

Metallic Card-stock Cream Boxes
Model#: CMB-102

Jar / Bottle Boxes

Model#: CMB-103

Serum Display Hanger Boxes

Model#: CMB-104

Eye Shadow Packaging Boxes

Model#: CMB-105

Natural Kraft Paper Cosmetic Packaging Boxes
Model#: CMB-106

Pearl Finish Jar / Bottle Boxes

Model#: CMB-107

Classic Perfume Boxes

Model#: CMB-108

Cream Boxes with Foil Stamping
Model#: CMB-109

Benefits of Using Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic box, which is often used for packaging creams, serums, lotions, makeup, body care, bath and hygiene products. These boxes are typically made from durable materials to protect the product from external factors like sunlight and moisture. Custom cosmetic boxes offer a professional and personalized touch to packaging, elevating the brand image and leaving a lasting impression on customers. These custom boxes offer a multitude of benefits that go beyond just providing protection to the products.

Firstly, they allow businesses to showcase their brand identity by incorporating custom designs, logos, and vibrant colors. This not only helps in creating a strong brand image but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

Moreover, custom cosmetic boxes offer flexible sizing options, allowing companies to accommodate different product sizes and shapes. By doing so, businesses can optimize their packaging and eliminate any wasted space, ultimately saving on materials and shipping costs.

Additionally, these boxes provide an opportunity for companies to include informative and engaging content such as product descriptions and usage instructions, which can greatly enhance the customer experience.

Apart from that, there are gift boxes specifically designed to enhance the presentation of cosmetic items during special occasions. These boxes often feature elegant designs and embellishments, giving them a luxurious aesthetic.

Order Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic boxes are exclusively available in a tuck end style, with or without windows, primarily used for showcasing products while perfectly representing your brand identity. By opting for a modern custom packaging box, you can elevate your cosmetic products above competitors, catching the attention of potential customers.

ADD Printing & Packaging specializes in providing tailor-made solutions for various types of boxes, including cosmetic boxes, food boxes, bakery boxes, wine boxesgift boxes and display boxes. Our custom boxes can be crafted in any size and color, in accordance with your unique specifications and requirements. Begin creating your personalized cosmetic boxes or gift boxes today, and receive a FREE QUOTE from our sales representatives.