Canvas Bags

Why Do You Need to Choose a Canvas Bag?

Canvas bags are made from 100% cotton. Canvas is a very long lasting and well known for its durability material. Moreover, this material is eco-friendly and therefore nowadays more and more people are considering the switch from plastic or paper shopping bags to reusable canvas totes.
Usually, these bags have handles that make so convenient to carry a bag on the shoulder (it makes a grocery shopping more pleasant, isn’t it?).
Cotton totes come in different colors and sizes, other features can be included such as a zipper or a small pocket. Bags are easy to customize , so you can make it personalized for your business goals!

How to Order Custom Canvas Bags at Add Printing:

Explore the different styles of canvas bags available and send us a quote to find the price for your order. Prices depend on the quantity of your order : bigger quantities will lead to lower prices. Processing time may vary between different styles of bags, to know the exact processing time for your order ask us about the specific product you interested in. 

Do not hesitate to contact us and  ask questions about canvas tote bags! We usually respond within a few hours to all product inquiries. We are here to provide you the best shopping experience ever!

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Showing all 9 results