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How To Choose Reusable Bags: Woven vs Nonwoven Tote For everyone who at least once tried to order a customized promotional bags for giveaways, a question ” How to choose reusable bags among so many options available?” was the most important. There are so many factors to consider such as price, durability, ability to carry heavy weight, imprint area and overall attracting look of the promotional bags. The most popular fabrics for promotional bags usually are nonwoven or woven bags. But it is clear that not many people know the difference between these materials. So, we decided to compare for you woven and nonwoven fabricsRead More →

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Why Use Nonwoven Bags Nonwoven bags are made of PP fabric, 100% decomposable, Eco-friendly bags. As a business man, you are finding ways to let people know about your business, you need a unique thing to do the job for you. It is important for a business man to take care of the environment in which it is carrying out its operations. Also, one should let the customers know that you are a responsible person so that they have a positive view for your business. When thinking of promoting your business, go for things that can prove to be of good use to the customersRead More →

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How to Choose the Right Type of Boxes for Your Business Make the most of your marketing efforts by choosing the right custom-printed boxes for your business. These boxes are one of the most important marketing tools that you’ll use since they add to your company branding and carve a unique impression in the consumer’s mind about the actual product inside. At ADD you’ll have a number of different box styles to choose from including the following: * Product Boxes * Gift Boxes * Cosmetic Boxes * Beverage Boxes * Food Boxes * Display Boxes * Gift Boxes * CD/DVD Boxes * Packaging Boxes ARead More →


Why choose ADD Printing & Packaging If you are looking for nonwoven bags suppliers, ADD Printing & Packing is the best one for you. With years of experience as a nonwoven bags manufacturer and suppliers, we have created the most stylish range of non-woven bags at competitive prices. We supply non woven bags, which are made from good quality materials. Our non woven bags are both superior in quality and highly durable. Our large collection of non woven bags includes bags of different colors, styles and designs that can be used for various purposes. The styles of non woven bags are as per the presentRead More →