How To Choose Reusable Bags: Woven vs Nonwoven Tote

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How To Choose Reusable Bags: Woven vs Nonwoven Tote

How To Choose Reusable Bags: Woven vs Nonwoven Tote

For everyone who at least once tried to order a customized promotional bags for giveaways, a question ” How to choose reusable bags among so many options available?” was the most important. There are so many factors to consider such as price, durability, ability to carry heavy weight, imprint area and overall attracting look of the promotional bags. The most popular fabrics for promotional bags usually are nonwoven or woven bags.
But it is clear that not many people know the difference between these materials. So, we decided to compare for you woven and nonwoven fabrics and highlight the main areas you need to understand about each of them.

The process of production

How To Choose Reusable Bags: process of production
Woven fabric has been woven by individual threads running together in perpendicular to each other (these threads are creating a pattern called warp and weft) until it comes to one large piece of cloth. Nonwoven material is done by mechanical, chemical or thermal processing (such as applying heat). Although, the process of production is different for fabrics, they do have something in common – texture that looks so good with bright colors. However, if you are planning to print picture with lots of details on the bags, you should be aware that your picture may look slightly different on the bags because of this texture.


How to choose reusable bag: durability
Because of fabric structure, woven cloth is more flexible than nonwoven. Woven bags are relatively more durable, able to retain its shape and suitable for machine washing. Nonwoven bags are less durable, and unfortunately, do not retain the same attractive look after being laundered.

Ability to carry weight

Woven bags, as well as nonwoven bags, can carry heavy items like books and groceries, however woven fabric is a bit stronger. But unless, you do plan to carry something really heavy in the bag, you do not need to worry about this.

Economic value

How to choose reusable bag : price
Non woven bags price
Woven bags are more expensive than nonwoven bags, which makes nonwoven bags much more affordable for business promotional goals.

These simple differences we believe, can help you to find what bags you need for giveaway purposes of your business. If you your questions are not answered yet, then we will be happy to add clarity to your consideration process, just contact us for information.

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